Aperol Spritz Recipe (a.k.a. Aperix Sprix)

aperol spritz cocktails

Originally appeared on The Mystic Collective Blog in April 2022. Reposted here with permission, since, I wrote it.

If you watch the second season of The White Lotus on HBO, you get the allure.

Aperix is the cheaper substitute for Aperol I get at Total Wine. Plus, I like their yellow labeling better.

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Ap’ril (Aperol) Spritz Recipe

Ingredients (for a big batch cocktail to serve 17+):

  • 750mL bottle Aperol or Aperix
  • 750mL bottle prosecco
  • 2 oranges washed + cut into wheels
  • 1 handful of washed fresh mint
  • 1L bottle club soda
  • 2-3 lbs of ice

(For example, the extra large glass serving pitcher with a spout at Native McKinney‘s April 2022 New Moon event held a total of 3 batches which used a 7 lb bag of ice, served over 70-80 people throughout the evening.)

For a single serving of Ap’ril Spritz, follow the recipe below!

  1. add equal parts Aperix + prosecco to a cocktail glass (for a lowball glass as pictured above, I do one shot of each)
  2. fill with ice
  3. top off with club soda + stir
  4. garnish with a mint sprig (make sure to slap it first to release the fragrant oils!) + an orange wheel
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